Watch the evening in pictures: Charity Gala December 19, 2016

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Question :
Young man we admire! Young man with a whip, Abou Diouba Deh, your concert in support of the Tékanois should take place on November 14, 2015. Tékanois, of whom one could say that, having gone abroad did not fall asleep on laurels and did not did not take refuge in the treetops after dressing in their best clothes.

God did not want the concert to take place on the scheduled date, now it is due on December 19, 2015.

You say that you don't regret anything and that you are not in a hurry and that the concert must absolutely be held. Since you say that it must necessarily take place, what do you say to our Fulani parents?

Abu Djouba : Lido Bousso, gold of the Torobé, Lido bousso Mamadou Ly, or of the Torobé. My friend, you say there will be an event at this time. What is this event of these days to come? What is this event?

I believe that it is possible that a person knows something but still dares to ask questions about it. You understand what I mean!

You asked what the event was when will it happen again. The event is scheduled to take place on November 14. But since God did not want, it did not materialize. Its completion is scheduled for December 19, 2015, here in Courbevoie near Paris.

Following the call of our young people who did not doze off during their immigration, men and women who share the same state of mind, the same desire, peace, benevolence have mobilized. These people, from the descent of Elimane Boubacar Kane, coming from Tékane, via Dimath Djéri, to all of Fouta have mobilized to provide their help.

What does their help consist of?

They came here to France to seek knowledge, culture, resources, to learn how to treat in order to help destitute people in our region. Elimane Boubacar Kane fought against evil in hearts, so that men become pious, so that everyone has kindness towards their neighbor. They who are of his descendants have decided, in turn, to fight against the diseases from which their people suffer: tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases which undermine the bodies of our populations. Diseases that wear out in secret. Their action therefore consists in ridding those who are sick of their ailments and in teaching young people and adults to watch over the health of our people, in their absence.

Who are these people ?

They are Tékanois, Dimathois, Futankoobe. They called on their artist from Fouta Toro who was not adopted. It is better to find the butter already put in than to put some.

We will not stop there! They appealed to Abu Djouba Deh to provide them with support in the fight against the diseases that are rampant in our region. Abou Djouba brings his art and their know-how so that we can go to the country to help our parents. Where they can go, they want to go. Whether it is Senegal, throughout Africa or in Fouta.

We invited our brother Demba N'Diaye Ndillaan because the action is broadened. He will be there on December 19.

Anyone who loves their culture, who loves health, come and find out about how to be treated. For those who have health problems they come to be explained to them how to get out. It is for all these reasons that the Tékanois invited Abou Djouba and Demba N'diaye Dillaan and all those who can help.

Anyone who loves himself, loves his people and is proud of his blood is invited on December 19, 2015. If he does not come, we do not guarantee him anything this year.

Thus, it is better to find the butter already put than to put some!

Download the transcript: here

Translation by Oumar DIAGNE author of " Remember ! "

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