🙌 ACTUME lauréate du prix Afrique RSE Santé 🙌 Catégorie Diaspora

🙌 ACTUME winner of the Africa CSR Health award 🙌 Diaspora category

For ACTUME, this award rewards our actions in Mauritania: health caravans and the Community pharmacy. Thank you very much to all of our volunteers.

The health caravans of the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) were born from the observation of a glaring lack of care from which the populations of the municipality of Tékane in Mauritania suffer. They made it possible to treat 17,000 patients. In addition, the problem of access to medicines arose after the caravans because of the distance from the points of sale but also of their cost. It was therefore necessary to establish a community pharmacy and solidarity within the municipality.

Africa Tomorrow's Goals

Afrique Demain aims to promote CSR, the raison d'être and investments with positive impacts in Africa.

  • The dissemination of good CSR practices and investments with positive impacts in Africa;
  • Promoting exemplary societal initiatives (environmental, social, economic and cultural) of visionary leaders in Africa;
  • The establishment of the Afrique Demain Lab and B Lab, communities of responsible companies and investors with positive impacts in Francophone Africa;
  • Assistance to African States in the development of public CSR policies;
  • Training and capacity building for executives and managers on CSR, the company with missions and investment with positive impacts;
  • Support for companies in their CSR strategy with positive impacts in Africa.

The Africa RSE Health and Impacts Awards 2020 rewarded 4 Laureates in 4 categories :

===> Consult (sequence 27 minutes) : Africa CSR Health and Impacts Awards 2020

  1. Best Diaspora Health Initiative in Africa to theAssociation against tuberculosis and endemic diseases (ACTUME, Mauritania) for the establishment of health caravans and of Community pharmacy in Mauritania
  2. Best initiative for improving the health of local communities at Training and Development Support Center (CEFAD, Guinea) for integrated actions to promote hygiene and fight against communicable diseases (malaria, water-borne diseases, HIV / AIDS) carried out in the mining sector in Guinea;
  3. Best Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative in the areas of CSR and health in Africa to the application Diagnosis in Burkina-Faso (attributed to Faso Civic, Societe Generale / YUP Burkina Faso, Orange Burkina Faso, United Nations Development Program Burkina Faso and at Burkina Faso Ministry of Health) ;
  4. Outstanding COVID-19 Action Award awarded to the start-up NAYA Limited (Cameroon) for the deployment of a mobile money solution promoting the financial and social inclusion of vulnerable populations, access and continuity of care in the context of the COVID pandemic.


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  • Opening keynote, presentation of the Africa CSR barometer SBF 120 + 2 and Panel 1 on the theme Faced with the crisis, what public policies and investment opportunities to improve health in Africa
  • Panel 2 : Industrialization of the health sector and local content of pharmaceutical industries in Africa: benchmark and success factors
  • Panel 3 : Employees, local communities, customers: What CSR strategy and investments with positive impacts in the field of health in Africa?
  • Panel 4 : What public-private-diaspora partnership for health financing and Universal Health Coverage in Africa?
  • Calls to action, reading of the Africa CSR Health Manifesto and presentation of the winners of the Africa CSR Health Prize 2020

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