Dr Hamadine KANE, Médecin Colonel à la retraite

Dr Hamadine KANE, Retired Colonel Doctor

Dr Hamedine KANEDr Hamedine KANE,
Tékane Health Association (ARS)

Let me introduce myself: Doctor colonel Hamédine Kane. We are there for the health caravan organized by ACTUME and the Tékane Health Association (AST). The works started at 8 am. Everything is going as planned. The doctors are there, the distribution of drugs has been done in good conditions.

 For today, we have five sites to do: Tékane, Dara-Salam, Akher, Limharia and Medina Sokhaam. The teams are already in place. As you can see in Tékane, it is the same in the other sites. We will show it to you as we go.

We thank God for the current course of activities. Patients are starting to come in droves. The doctors are on the job. We thank God and thank you. May God help us to help ourselves. And those who are to thank, first, are our parents who had the intelligence to send us to school.

Now it's our turn to help. Our thanks go particularly to our dad, former director of the Tékane school, the late Abdoul Ciré KANE who was the major player in the education of young people in this village. Only God can pay for it.

Are you currently having difficulties?

No, no noticeable problem, as you know at the start is a bit tricky but thank God…!

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Translation by Oumar DIAGNE author of " Remember ! "


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