Rapport d’activité exercice 2016

Activity report 2016

icone evenementAs in the previous year, 2016 was a very rich year for the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases. The office, while continuing the actions started in 2016, has set other objectives. In 2016, the following actions were carried out:


Caravane de santé 2017 à Maghama et Tékane : Bilan satisfaisant [PhotoReportage]

Health caravan 2017 in Maghama and Tékane: Satisfactory results [PhotoReportage]

4,051 consultations (2,141 in Tékane and 1910 in Maghama) in Mauritania

" Health needs are very great in Mauritania. We will have to put a lot of effort into going further. For this, we appeal for the involvement of everyone to go further. The reality is such that our action is only a drop in the sea ", has indicated Oumar Diagne from the Association NDiawane shores of Tékane, during the press conference review of the health caravan which took place simultaneously from February 17 to 19, in Maghama and Tékane.


Les IBMers au service de l’association Actume lors d’une journée solidaire

IBMers at the service of the Actume association during a solidarity day

 Rich, friendly, enriching, sharing, solidarity, commitment, pleasure, teaming, friendly, listen to the other, ,…

For the third time, after the solidarity days of 2014 and 2013, 29 people including 16 united IBMers met on November 18, 2016 as part of the “ skills sponsorship From IBM. IBMers grant a free day of work for the benefit of the ACTUME association. Note that in addition to the solidarity IBMers, Google experts, the Savoir Sport Santé association and the Hauts-de-Seine Respiratory Diseases Committee were on hand to lead the various workshops.


Semaine de Solidarité Internationale 2016 – 12 au 20 novembre – Collectif de Bordeaux Solidarités

International Solidarity Week 2016 - November 12 to 20 - Collective of Bordeaux Solidarités

ssi ca bougeThe ACTUME association represented by IBrahima ANNE, coordinates for the fifth consecutive year, the International Solidarity Week of the Collective of Bordeaux Center. The Bordeaux Solidarity collective highlights its diversity (nature of actors, themes and modes of action) in order to offer the general public information, time for discussion and reflection, as well as avenues of action, around a wide range of topics.


Gala de solidarite le 22 octobre 2016 au profit de la caravane de santé en Mauritanie

Solidarity Gala on October 22, 2016 for the benefit of the health caravan in Mauritania

Solidarity Gala under the patronage of Djibi Oldou BA. On the program of this gala, there was a animation provided by Ali Wagué, Daouda DIEYE and Chérif M'BAW. Then followed the presentation of 2016 health caravan review and the delivery of volunteering certificates under the aegis of HE Mr. Amadou DIALLO, Consul of Senegal, Madame Banel THIELLE, wife of the Ambassador of Senegal in France, Dr Hay Ly EANG, Founder and President of the PPM Laboratory and finally the Gala evening hosted by Abou Djouba.


Unité dentaire mobile à Tékane en Mauritanie du 22 mai au 5 juin

Mobile dental unit in Tékane in Mauritania from May 22 to June 5

unite dentaire sothiou1Association The Sothiou with the support of Tékane Health Association (AST) organize a humanitarian mission of May 22 to June 5 in Tékane in Mauritania. This is to protect free dental care for 15 days to the population of the Municipality of Tékane. The team is made up of a dentist and two technicians. As a reminder, the association Le Sothiou has been participating for 3 years in Health caravans organized by the ACTUME Association in Mauritania.


Journée mondiale de lutte contre la tuberculose 2016

World Tuberculosis Day 2016

Joining forces to end TB

tbdayOn World Tuberculosis Day, WHO calls on governments, communities, civil society and the private sector to “unite to end TB”. WHO and partners are fostering dialogue and collaboration that unites individuals and communities around new ways to end the TB epidemic.