diop idrissa petit formatDIOP Idrissa
Head of health post in Oumoul Ghoura

“My name is Diop Ibrissa, head of the health post in Oumoul Ghoura. We have a dispensary made up of a PMI (Maternal Infant Protection) area of a consultation center,

the pharmacy, the prenatal consultation room, the waiting room and the delivery room. This is how the dispensary is made up.

Per month we consult 200 to 250 people. As for the deliveries, we still do the prenatal consultations and for the deliveries I have a facilitator who is there and who helps me with the deliveries when I am not there, but when I am there it is I who do childbirth or other. People trust us and since I've been there there have never been any problems and everything is fine.

In the past, we have had visits from NGOs such as Terre d'Azur in France which has visited twice and we have had Amina who has visited again. Now it's you (ACTUME). It is we ourselves, our brothers and our cousins who are there, we are really very delighted with your presence. This decentralization is a very good thing because for the whole municipality, all the populations who will benefit from your activities and this is what all the citizens of the municipality of Tékane want. Someone who manages to do something important for the whole is a very good thing, that's for sure. We are very delighted that you are here today, and this is reflected in the influx of people who are there and who are really satisfied. Thank you. "

adama diagne ganiMrs Diagne Adama
Head of Gani health post

“I have been in post since 1995. I am an IMS nurse. At the beginning, I had medicines that I bought at the DPR of Rosso, but today, I have nothing… ”

Source: http://youtu.be/FKw6t-pkEtI —–Read the transcript: Mr. Diop Idrissa and Ms. Diagne Adama

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 * Transcription: KANE Maïry  ———– Interview by Oumar KANE in Tékane on March 9, 2013

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