pharmaciePharmacists and biologists testify: Dr Khassa Abdoul Aziz DIAKITE, Pharmacist, Dr Ousmane SY, Pharmacist, Biologist and Clinician; Mr. Elhadj DEM , Laboratory technician at Boghé hospital.

dr khassaDr Khassa Abdoul Aziz Diakité

I am Dr Khassa Abdoul Aziz Diakité, phamacien. This is my 3rd or 4th caravan in Tékane so I feel that things are improving on the pharmaceutical side.

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It gives us great pleasure to come back here every time and see that things improve. However, it was noticed that there are many essential drugs which were lacking or which were supplied with quantities far below the demand. Other than that, everything is fine and the most frequent pathologies may have had the right treatment, such as bilharzia and oral infections and gastric problems.


 ousmane syDr Ousmane SY
Pharmacist, Biologist and Clinician

I am Ousmane Sy, I am Doctor of Pharmacy and Clinician. We did two days of consultations and drug delivery.

My role was mainly in terms of medication. There are a few biological tests that we did for blood sugar… even if we didn't do a lot. Overall we are satisfied.

What should only be improved is at the level of drugs. There are some specialties that you don't need in large quantities. There are others, we need a large quantity, for example paracetamol and amoxiline. We had 5 sites, we need antibiotics for each extraction, at one point we ran out, we had to give other drugs. So, that must be improved soon. We will do everything to improve it.

There is also a period of epidemic. Epidemiologically, here it is malaria (malaria) and bilharzian zone. Basically, that's what I had to say. But overall we are satisfied because we had a lot of consultations and there were a lot of practitioners. Hopefully next time it will be the same.

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caravaneMr. Elhadj DEM
Laboratory Technician

My name is Elhadj DEM, Laboratory technician at Boghé hospital

Today we will be working on the glucometer device. We were able to treat 20 people with blood sugar, we have 50% diabetic cases for the rest the people will confirm within a month or 15 days to know if it is advanced diabetic cases or cases of traces. Thank you.

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 Interview by Constance BORDES and Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
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