pharmacie o 1014x486After more than two years of work, ACTUME launches in Tékane, from April, the start of work to set up the solidarity community pharmacy. This is the result of a reflection born from experience in the field.

Access to medicines is a major problem in the municipality of Tékane. Thus, this pharmacy will solve the problem of access to medicines from which the population of the municipality suffers due to financial insecurity.

A lot of work has made it possible to put in place an action plan that will resolve this difficulty, which has persisted for many years. In addition, the community pharmacy will serve as a place of orientation, information and exchanges devoted to the health of the most deprived.

It is therefore a project which, although ambitious, holds the association at heart. Most of the energy of the association will be devoted, from now on, to its realization and to ensure its proper functioning.

All about the project Tékane Community Pharmacy in Mauritania

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