For better management of tuberculosis in the Municipality of Tékane in Mauritanie!

laborantinsAs part of my internship in Mauritania (April-September 2012) piloted by the association “Actume” located in Bordeaux, I am pleased to share with you the summary of achievements and short-term prospects.

1. Management of tuberculosis in the Trarza region

Since my arrival (April) in Mauritania, I have carried out the inventory of the treatment of tuberculosis in the region of Trarza. I visited the 6 tuberculosis care centers in the Trarza region: Boutlimint, R'kiz, Méderdra, Rosso, Keur-Macène and the Rosso hospital.

I took the epidemiological data for the year 2010 and 2011 and carried out a survey of the chief doctors, nurses and laboratory assistants of these centers. Here are the main results.

For 2010 there were 112 notified cases for the 6 centers.

  • Average age: 40 (SD: 19.25)
  • Median: 35 years (min. 2 years and max. 80 years)
  • 80 men and 32 women

Success rate:

  • 56,33% result expected by PNLTL 85%

Proportion of lost to follow-up:

  • 12.84% result expected by the PNLTL below 10%

Proportion of transferred among PMT +

  • 13,76% result expected by PNLTL 0%

For the year 2011, there were 130 notified cases for the 6 centers. It was not possible to calculate the indicators as for 2010, as many people are still on treatment.

These results as well as the interviews were able to shed light on a number of dysfunctions in the management of TB in Trarza:

  • Lack of training of nursing staff
  • Lack of awareness among the population about TB
  • Lack of PNLTL supervision in CDTs

In addition, I worked in collaboration with the National Program for the Fight against Tuberculosis and Leprosy (PNLTL) where I carried out epidemiological records in the Diagnostic and Treatment Centers (CDT) of Nouakchott.

2. Actions carried out in the Municipality of Tékane

agents com tekaneOne of the objectives of the Actume association for this project is to train community agents (CAs) in awareness-raising on tuberculosis in the town of Tékane and to set up awareness-raising campaigns on this issue. A three-day eight (8) AC training took place in Tékane. This provided a reminder of the concepts of tuberculosis.

Consult the list of community workers: special project in Mauritania

  • Outlook for the month of July

Following this training, community workers will participate in the health caravan planned for Tékane on July 12 and 14, 2012. They will provide logistical assistance to doctors and design awareness workshops on tuberculosis and other endemic pathologies specific to the river region.

At the end of this action, the CAs will receive an awareness KIT allowing them to carry out “talks” around TB. It is planned that each CA carries out once a month sensitizations in the villages which depend on their health huts.

This Kit will allow the different CAs a better follow-up of their awareness-raising activities in the municipality of Tékane.

===> Read the report in pdf format: summary of actions carried out ...

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* PNLTL : National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program
* CDT : Diagnostic and Treatment Center
* ACTUME : Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases
* TB : Tuberculosis

Marie Varloteaux
Nutritionist, PNLTL / ACTUME intern
Student at ISPED in International Health, Bordeaux
E-mail :