As part of his Therapeutic program to build loyalty among people with tuberculosis and raise awareness among the population of the Trarza region in Mauritania, the association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) carried out an identification mission in Mauritania: (Nouakchott, Rosso, Tékane) from April 7 to 30, 2007.

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This mission was carried out by:

  • COTT Nadine: (Scientific committee: pulmonologist)
  • DELONGEAS Sabine: Communication officer
  • COTT Yvan: Honorary member
  • KANE Oumar: President ACTUME
  • ANNE Ibrahima: secretary general ACTUME
  • KANE Bocar: member (in charge of external relations of the outgoing office).

The following organizations were contacted:

  • ACTUME Mauritania
  • Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
  • World Health Organization: Mauritania delegation
  • AMALUTS: Mauritanian Association for the Fight against Tuberculosis and AIDS
  • National Institute for Public Health Research
  • National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program
  • Regional Director of Health: Rosso Hospital
  • TEKANE Health Center
  • Tékane Town Hall ; Primary school; College
  • Village cooperatives
  • French Embassy: Cooperation and Cultural Action Service
  • Spanish Cooperation: Medicos El Mundo

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