fr thiernoDr Thierno Ousmane Coulibaly
Health Program Officer at UNFPA

I think the caravan was successful, I volunteered to consult the elderly who could not line up in front of the various services except of course for specialties (gynecology, dental,…).

But when it comes to the elderly who have problems, most of the time it's chronic illnesses, chronic pain, joint pain, abdominal pain. These are people who have been hanging around for years, working all day long. They are all tired.

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This morning also I continued with the same category of elderly people from time to time of the less elderly but it is always the same problems, chronic pain, joint pain, back pain, legs ... We had nevertheless very early in the morning when I arrived I found an urgent case. A lady who came from Méleïgue. She presented with strong ascites with edema of the various limbs and who was in pain. I was able to make it available to Dr. AW Abdoulaye who examined it and gave advice to the parents because it is at a stage which is difficult to survive. If not, other than that, we haven't had any complex cases.

sante pour tous actume ministere santeWe thank you, the whole team who came here, we really appreciated the coming of this caravan. They (the people) were still able to know that we were interested in their health problems and I believe that this is something they have always wanted. I hope that in the future, this is something that we will be able to continue and organize this much better and perhaps take a lot more time to also have material; because there, we only treat the symptoms. We do not make a precise diagnosis and we do not have laboratories, we treat patients according to what they present as health problems. Next time we think of even bringing a laboratory to be able to do some laboratory tests and hope that it will continue in good conditions.

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 Interview by Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
Transcript produced by Maïry KAN


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