aw med alphaDr Aw Mohamed Alpha, I am a ghost, I was there a year ago and I had the pleasure of being among the group of the first edition and rebelote this year.

It already confirmed what was announced since last year, I noticed that it has progressed, the group has grown, we had a lot more human resources and the population came in large numbers.

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This year we also made an extension, we made a lot more sites. The atmosphere was very good, we improved our record, we were able to do a lot more consultations compared to last year.

adama diopI had a personal pleasure to see this young 8-year-old patient that I was able to have last year: Adama Diop, for a suspected tuberculosis which has been confirmed. Since then, she has had her treatment, 6 months of anti-tuberculosis treatment. I found him this morning in great shape. It's really something concrete, it's really Actume and really hats off!

I find that this is a justified reason to seek populations where they are. We must not be discouraged, like what, there are results which are there, which are convincing and palpable and it is really something extraordinary and still alive Actume it is really very good. Adama Diop will remember this for a very long time. Thank you.

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 Interview by Constance BORDES and Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
Transcript made by Maïry KANE


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