dr aw abdoulayeDr Abdoulaye AW

The reputation of this rather organized caravan: the sick returned one by one. It was really nice work.

As usual, there is a lot of lightness in awareness of pathologies all the time because there is a lot hypertensive people who do not know or who take the pathology too lightly which means that we really see an imbalance of the tension which is rather obvious and at the same time scary.

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There is also awareness-raising work that should perhaps, organize public awareness sessions at the next caravan and afternoon workshops or something. We will try to popularize at our level. This is what is needed because people do not know the pathology and the repercussions. There is work to be done in this area.

sante pour tous actume ministere santeBilarsal andemia is still rife. We systematically deworm what we can but unfortunately we do not control everything. We see that more in the young population. But compared to elderly subjects who have been carrying this endemic disease for years, we have not had any idea of the possible complications of bilharzia, namely bladder cancer pathology, because it is very common for bilharzia to turn into bladder cancer and unfortunately, it is discovered very late at late stages. So we can no longer do anything.

I believe that it is rather the number of consultants that really justifies its trailers. We no longer have the right to miss a year of the caravan because the number of consultations is enormous and the service rendered is also palpable.

I thank the whole team, the organizers for inviting me to this and I think that from now on I will be subscribed to this event.

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 Interview by Constance BORDES and Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
Transcript made by Maïry KANE


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