medecine dentaireAfter two days of volunteering for dentists (tooth extraction) and five days for dental care, Dr Lo Baïdy, Dr NIANE Boubacar, Dr LAM Fatimata known as Thillé and Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ould Eleya, Dental technician, give their impressions of the solidarity action.

 dr loDr Baïdy LO

We are at the end of our two days of consultation. Everything went more or less well. Things did not go well because there are always sick people, that is to say the sick are still there and the problem is still there.

We are satisfied on the one hand but on the other hand it is a little desolation in relation to the health situation here, but we are still pleased with the work that has been carried out despite the relatively limited means.

sante pour tous actume ministere sante

We had to do a lot of things. Yesterday and today we had to consult 143 patients without counting the conservative care because here it is all that is related to surgery, extractions, drainages and everything that goes with it. All in all, it is good, now the recommendations so that we have better conditions in relation to the material available, to the products, to the drugs because we were forced to stop now because there is no more antibiotics and painkillers. We cannot continue to do deeds when we do not have the essentials. If people could also get their own medicines, we could perhaps continue and if they had these means, we would not get there.

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There is a health problem, we must continue to do and I congratulate you, Oumar Kane and your team, but also the head of the center of Tékane, Mr. Gaye, M. Diack, Kadjia. All in all, it's good but it makes us continue to make efforts, continue to help the populations, to educate them and we also hope that next year, inch'allah, we will do better.


dr niane

 Dr Boubacar NIANE,

Hello everyone, it was my first year. I gained experience. I know a lot of people, people were very welcoming to us. We have only one thing to say, we hope that next year the staff of dentists will be more numerous, and that we will be able to move elsewhere than Tékane. What we did was what was needed, we wanted to do more. We say hello to everyone.

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 Interview by Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
Transcript produced by Maïry KAN


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