caravaneThe recipients testify: Mr. Ousmane SARR, President of the Health Committee of Dara Salam, Mr. Saïdou DIOP, Head of the Health Post of Dara Salam, Mr. Mamadou GAYE, Head of the Tékane Health Post, Mr. Dado KANE, Assistant Dentist and Mr. Abeyim Ould Souleymane, Municipal Councilor.

ousmanr sarr

Mr. Ousmane SARR
President of the Health Committee of Dara Salam

My name is Ousmane SARR, I am the village chief, member of the Dara Salam health post and Chairman of the committee.

We can say that it is a mission that has never been done in our village. This is the first time and the beginning that we have really seen, we want to have a caravan every month or every quarter. It is the moment and it is the time and especially that people are all sick and it is an isolated corner. The human resources exist but the technical means do not exist, it is above all that. The post was built by the people of the village even with their own funds. Since then there is no equipment that can solve health problems. That too is a problem that arises. We have a nurse, he is really competent, he is active at all times.

diop saidouMr. Saïdou DIOP
Nurse, Head of Dara Salem Health Center

This is the first time that we have done it here. I am happy with this solidarity action. The population came in large numbers. We are very satisfied and we want it contained. Thank you so much.

gaye tekaneMr. Mamadou GAYE
Nurse, Head of Health Post of Tékane

It is very important, the people are poor and sick. Actions like this are very commendable. The patients were treated but others could not come for reasons of information or distance.

We are very grateful and want the action to be sustainable. As the manager of the Tékane health center, I would like to thank you.

Kadiata kaneMadame Dado KANE known as Kadiate
Volunteer - Dental assistant looking for work

My name is Kadiata Kane, dental assistant. I am happy to be here. This is the second consecutive year that I have come to offer my services for the well-being of the population of Tékane. The dental team did an amazing job.

We would subsequently like to have a dististe in Tékane. In addition, we would like the operation to be renewed every six months because one year is too much. Thanks a lot for the support.


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 Interview by Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
Transcript produced by Maïry KAN


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