"There are a lot of recurrent infections, especially vaginal discharge which is very numerous and urinary tract infections."
Mrs Hawa KANE, Midwife at the Kissi clinic in Nouakchott and Madame Adama BA, Sage Femme at the Boghé Health Center give their impressions of solidarity action.

Hawa kane portraitawa KANE
Midwife at the Kissi Clinic in Nouakchott
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I am Mrs Hawa Kane, midwife at the Kissi clinic in Nouakchott, this is the first time that I have participated in the Tékane health caravan.

Of the 80 consultations, there are antenatal consultations, women in a state of pregnancy between 7 and 8 weeks and women who are at term, it was possible to detect a term woman with severe anemia who was evacuated to Rosso. It has been found that there are many recurrent infections especially vaginal discharge which is very numerous and urinary tract infections.

Some women with severe anemia, must have dietary advice to be able at least with the means available to correct the anemia without even taking drugs with good food hygiene and body hygiene, that is to say to wash regularly . In addition, you have to know the difference between urinary tract infection and vaginal discharge, because sometimes people get confused. Vaginal discharge can be low and ordinary infections, but with a little treatment or personal hygiene it can heal on its own. But in the case of urinary tract infections, the woman must take treatment or go to a community center which will give her adequate treatment, if the infections persist it can lead to nephrosis ...

sante pour tous actume ministere santeFor drugs, we must have vitamins, iron, anti-anemics, tonics, drinkable ampoules for example, it will correct certain malnutrition and also have anti-parasitic drugs in women and why vaginal eggs.

In the municipality all the girls who are of study age no longer go to school. It is not because you are married or in a state of pregnancy that you have to stop studying, a girl must finish her studies to be able to supervise her own children and to have a little income and to become a midwife. , become a nurse, become a teacher because we are going to retire one day and they have to take over.

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ba adama Adama Mamadou BA
Midwife at the Boghé Health Center
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My name is Madame Adama BA, state midwife at the Boghé health center in Mauritania.

To complete the remarks of my colleague Hawa KANE, as a recommendation I would say that any woman who does her PNC (pelvic examination) at her first or second visit only has to take stock and do the ultrasound at her eighth month. . If not, the woman may have a problem ...

Health education and inappropriate activities should be done to raise awareness and at the same time give advice and systematically screen for hypertension and diabetes.
Thank you.

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 Interview by Constance BORDES and Oumar KANE in Tékane, April 19, 2014
Transcript directed by Maïry KANE


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