The Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) will organize from February 24 to 28, 2016, a health caravan in the communes of Maghama and Tékane in Mauritania.

This action will be organized in collaboration with the Association Santé Tékane and the association for the Development of Maghama with the support of the Communication Agency "Swahifri Consulting" specializing among others in the field of solidarity development, the association Rivages N ' Diawane, from the Ministry of Health in Mauritania, Le Sothiou: Association d'Aide au Développement Dentaire, Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM) International specializing in the distribution of drugs.

The main objective is to first provide free care to the populations of the municipalities of Maghama and Tékane, then to detect and list certain common pathologies and finally to take care of or refer needy patients to more suitable health structures.

This event will concern the following specialties: general medicine, pediatrics, stomatology, ophthalmology, gynecology. To carry out this humanitarian action organized for the fourth successive year, we will need volunteers (doctors, pharmacists, opticians, etc.) medicines, communication kit, medical equipment, donations in kind, etc.

At the end of the caravan, a press conference will be organized on Friday March 4, 2016 at 5 p.m. - Hôtel Wissal in Nouakchott.

For information, during the last edition the number of patients consulted amounted to 2686 a progression of 902 patients (33,5%) compared to the second edition (1784 patients) and progression 72% compared to the first edition (704 patients) .We plan to achieve 4500 people the next edition.

For details, see the 2015 caravan review: download

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