The municipality of Tékane is made up of seven health centers managed by state nurses or senior technicians and eleven health huts managed by community workers. Note that three centers are equipped with microscopes namely: Tékane, Gani, Oumoul Ghoura.

Sanitary infrastructure

  1. Municipality health centers
    • Tékane health post
    • Oumoul Ghoura health post
    • Gahni health post
    • Tachtayatt health post
    • Limhariya health post
    • Dara Salam health post
    • Sey-Amar health post
  2. Health huts and community workers
    • Gourel Boucar SY (Sawdatou kane)
    • Niawar (Rouguyatou LY)
    • Dioly (Marieme Diongo)
    • M'Barwady (Aminat Mint Batt)
    • Aker (Roneïma Mint Alioune)
    • Medina Salam (Malick Diop)
    • Sokam El Sheikh (Aminatou Mint Guelam)
    • Limharya (Khady Mint Zeidane)
    • Meleyga (Zeïnabou LO)
    • Liksar Barek
    • Niaga Boul

Description of the Tékane health center

The Tékane Health Post was created in the 1960s. It was recently rehabilitated, and a new building was added to it, financed by "Medicos Del Mundo - Canarias", a Spanish NGO. It includes a nursing unit, a PMI / Maternity unit, and a pharmacy. The center is made up of:

  • A treatment room;
  • a consultation room;
  • a rest room (hospitalization) and delivery with a bed;
  • a rest room;
  • and a pharmacy deposit.

Human ressources :

Last name and first name Grade Function
- KANE Brahim Senior health technician Leader position
- SARR Khady State registered nurse Assistant
- KANE Fadoum Auxiliary Midwife
- LY N'Diaye Support staff Pharmacy Manager
- THIAW Loru Support staff Midwife
- N'DIAYE Aminata Support staff Waitress

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