cellou remerciements

I will first thank the people present for their welcome and I would also like to pay tribute to the team of professionals who came here during its 2 days and who did a really big job.

I think it's a good thing that we look at the number of people we consulted and the care we were able to provide. I also wanted to join the doctor to encourage Oumar with whom I live in France for what he does, he fights a lot in France and we see that these are projects that are not at all easy to set up and he's really diligent in what he does.

I am originally Guinean but really here I felt at home, it made me very happy. I got to meet some really wonderful people. We did two days but it's like we did two weeks in fact. And I can only encourage this type of approach, of experiences and I hope that the next time I come back will indeed be to inaugurate a health center, because there are really needs and it is a pleasure. to see people from a village mobilize and not forget the people from their homes. Thank you for your welcome.

Watch the video : http://youtu.be/8HBdnoh6azU