Recommendations from doctors!
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After two days of work, the doctors give a final briefing and make recommendations. Let's talk to our experts: Dr Amadou Sall, Dr Lo Baïdy, Lam Thilé, Dr Aw Mouhamed Alpha, Dr Habibloulaye, Dr Kane Hamedine, M. Kane Mamadou Ndiaye.

dr sall amadou1
Dr SALL Amadou
: “What we would like is an improvement in the technical platform: the minimum is air conditioning, lighting, a good dental chair. Under these conditions we would be more efficient: we could work until midnight, take more than 500 people. Increase support, and more resources for the asepsis chain ”.

dr lo baidy 
Dr LO Baïdy:
“It is a great pleasure to work with my colleagues… and it is one more experience. It's a good record…. the recommendation is above all the sensitization of the populations, it must be emphasized a lot through education, mosques etc. I hope it will continue in better situations. "

thile lam Dr LAM Fatimata (Thilé): “We must motivate people: better hygienic conditions, have a good brushing method and control each time instead of keeping cavities until the final stage if not just going for extractions. "

dr awDr AW Mohamed : “The medical consultation does not require a specific enough technical platform… I would like to point out that the needs are enormous. I join my colleague who spoke earlier about awareness because during these 48 hours, I noticed a lot of patients, particularly in pediatrics, children with certain avoidable pathologies with good awareness ...

Many cases of bilharzia with certain parasitic diseases, cases of malaria and I think that there is a fight to be carried out on this side with good medical information. The other aspect is arterial hypertension, we have a lot of it here, especially in the third age. I also recommend an almost systematic screening of people over 50 with the nurse on site. Otherwise in terms of organization, we are generally satisfied because we cannot be very demanding… we have to work with the conditions that there are. I thank this initiative, I congratulate it and I hope that there will be other meetings Insha Allah ”

habiboulaye pulaarDr SY Habiboulaye : “Certain drugs did not exist especially in the context of dermatoses, we did not have much. Lack of drugs such as iron… Next time, we must try to see and identify the most common pathologies at the local level. Overall it was good: it's an initiative to congratulate ... and it must be periodic ”

dr hamedine kanecaravaneDoctor Colonel KANE Hamedine : “I apologize for the delay, I was doing consultations with old people in the city. First of all, our thanks and congratulations to the people, the staff, the human resources who came and who are not from here, such as Mr. Diallo, a Guinean who came from France and our colleagues who came to support us. The problem is the organization which must be improved compared to the previous caravans and the taking charge of drugs, that is to say the upstream organization: staff, drugs and information. Above all, this is what must be improved and afterwards when we finish, make an evaluation to make proposals that will be used in the future, make reports on which we must rely to do better and even more ”

mamadou kaneMamadou KANE, President of an Association “I would like to thank all the doctors who, for 2 days, met the medical needs of the populations. We are at the 3rd or 4th edition of health caravans and this one was much more successful ... I also speak as the President of a Mauritanian Association for the support of the inter-village solidarity that I created and each time that Tékane organizes, I am with them and I congratulate all of our populations who responded. Thank you "