cellou dialloActume organized a health caravan in Tékane in Mauritania on March 8 and 9, 2013. Cellou Diallo, a volunteer who came from France to support the action of the association, shares his experience.

I came to this caravan through an invitation from Oumar Kane, who is the president of the ACTUME association. I am quite involved in the association and it was the possibility of supporting Oumar in his actions.

It is true that it was not easy. We were really persevering. It is not a project that we set up overnight. It's a project that requires a lot of method, a lot of organization. There is all the communication to be planned around in order to mobilize sponsors, people who will allow us to carry out this caravan in the best conditions.

We also have the population to inform and I think it's really good because there is a dire lack of resources at Tékane and I think that in 2 days, we managed to bring together the most relevant specialties: ophthalmology, stomatology , the dental. I did 2 days in dentistry and as Dr Lo and Thillé said, there are a lot of different clinical cases. What struck me is that we often arrive in the terminal stage, that is to say that it is caries which are at stage 4, therefore really developed. We try to treat people as best we can. We haven't stopped since yesterday.

Next time, are you ready to come back?

Ah yes ! I'm ready to come back with pleasure and get involved in what ACTUME is doing because there really are needs. In two days, I really saw that there are multiple needs and for all age groups. As well for adults as for children, as for babies, as for the very old people. It's really good and we really have to do it again.

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