habiboulayeDr SY Habibouye

He opens the doors to his consultations. He addresses the patient Mrs. Sarr in Pulaar. He consults her, reassures and advises on the one hand and answers her various questions.

"We are human and mortal beings, whatever the weather, we will die eventually. Certainly the fear of uncertainty pushes us to cling to life. It is important to be vigilant and foresight on some of our behaviors, the consequences of which could be harmful to our health, if they are not diagnosed downstream.

patiente habiboulayeThere I observe that you have a good look, this medication is recommended for patients with cardiac complications…. The use of traditional plants is not banned, the drugs that I make available, against blood pressure must be used uninterrupted. We need a follow-up, so that we take stock of the evolution of your health.

In modern medicine we can do analyzes, examinations and assessment in order to provide the best treatment, for what traditional medicine, we do not have scientific measures to assess their effectiveness, however we agree to say that they can relieve.

I advise you not to stop the treatment, the risk is to have a blood pressure exceeding the norm.

Regarding the diet, I advise you to pay attention to all that is salty, fatty meat especially in the evening, you must eat light, fish, vegetables (salads), chicken, red meat. day (lean) are recommended…. "

Source: http://youtu.be/FKw6t-pkEtI
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