dr awDr AW Mouhamed Alpha
Doctor at the National Oncology Center
Source: http://youtu.be/QpR8jhZp5HI

“I am an attending physician at the National Oncology Center. It was a great pleasure for me to be associated with this caravan of such great importance which was initiated by the NGO ACTUME based in Aquitaine in Bordeaux in France.

I would like to note that Tékane is a village located 260 KM from Nouakchott and its populations are extremely needy from a health point of view : the problem of access to health centers. As a result, we were in great demand, there were a lot of consultations. I was able to do 135 Consultations in 48 hours. This testifies to the affluence and the medical needs of the population.

Out of the 135 Consultations, we had quite a few cases of patients who did not even know they were hypertensive or carrying other pathologies. We ended up with really high numbers. We hope that it will not be just one-off diagnoses but it will be followed by rigorous management: these patients represent approximately 20%. There are also many parasitic diseases in children, such as bilharzia.

caravane1Thanks to this caravan, we hope to set up an awareness program and a program to fight against these different diseases that we can definitively eradicate through fair behavior and massive deworming for children in whom we notice a growth retardation in relation to to populations of the same age in other regions which are not confronted with this scourge.

We have also seen people who present symptoms that evoke certain pathologies such as tuberculosis that we referred to more competent centers for care in order to detail the diagnosis and provide the necessary care. So these are diseases where there are control programs that are there and we hope that thanks to this association that is there, we will try to do a lot of things for these patients.

We also have many cases of malaria that I wanted to individualize. It is a scourge: 30 to 40% of clinically proven cases. Unfortunately, we do not have additional means of exploration to be able to confirm and of course we hope that the program to fight against malaria will be involved much better thanks to this ACTUME initiative to try to reduce this endemic.

Roughly speaking, on the medical side, that's what we had: cases of arterial hypertension, malaria, parasitic diseases and a few very suspicious cases of tuberculosis and certain diseases related to allergies and asthmatics (we have saw some also who present severe seizures).

In conclusion, I thank the President and really I find it a very good initiative and I hope that in the years to come it will not be just a first caravan but several caravans which will follow with a much more technical platform…. . "

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