The team consists of Dr Thile Lam, Lo Baïdy and dr Sall Amadou. They come back to the two days of consultations and underline the strengths of this solidarity action carried out with pleasure for the populations of the municipality of Tékane.

thile lamDr Lam Fatimata (Thilé)
During his two days we saw a lot of clinical cases. There are a lot of extractions. Yesterday we had 80 patients, today more than twenty for the moment, we will perhaps welcome another twenty people. People are recommended to apply oral hygiene instead,

have a good brushing method and brushing at least 3 times during the day each time after a meal, especially at night before sleeping. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

dr lo baidyDr Lo Baïdy
Surely, I will continue on the same wavelength as dr. Thilé Lam. Well, we have seen a lot of patients, even if the conditions as you know do not allow us to take care of all the patients as they should. We're getting straight to the point, trying to solve the biggest problem. There are a lot of problems, we are trying to solve the biggest problem.

But still I will draw your attention to you as an NGO, in the sense of organizing its kinds of caravans, the particular attention by the lack of hygiene which is really catastrophic compared to the population of Tékane. And we made the remark among all the patients we saw. There is a large influx of children and women. Most of the women are also adults or young.

We all know what are the consequences of health, and of the problem of oral health. All the time people tend to go to see AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria whereas even if we see compared to statistics and even in the review of the medical literature for example oral infections can be at the origin over sixty in the case of heart infections.

We have encountered abscesses, cellulitis, gingivitis, whatever you can imagine, we have seen it here. There is not a patient who has a specific gingival dental pathology, always the patients have several associated pathologies. So, we cannot take charge of everything, we try to go where… We try to provide relief in order to provide the maximum number of patients with maximum care. So the concept of realism when we talk about preventive and social odontology, we try to provide everyone with the maximum possible care and with as many patients as possible.

So, roughly speaking, there is a lot to say, but in short, that's it, we need to raise awareness, continue efforts, more materials, make people available, and train community health workers. It was a pleasure to attend this caravan and to continue to do so too. We hope that his will get better and better.

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