> 703 patients treated on two sites which list approximately 5680 hts either 13 % in 16 hours.

You responded favorably to the call for volunteers launched by actume:  health for all in the municipality of Tékane.

On this occasion, I thank you for your professionalism and especially your know-how which you demonstrated on March 8 and 9, 2013 despite your professional commitments.

If this event was successful, you have something to do with it. Special thanks to the team of healthcare professionals:

  • Dr Aw Mohamed Alpha; Doctor Colonel Kane Hamidine; Dr Konaté Oumou; Dr Lam Fatimata (Thillé); Dr Lo Baidy; Dr Sall Amadou; Dr Sinna Boly; Dr Kane Soulé; Sy Habiboullah; Diagne Adama; Diop Idrissa ..

This team was supported by community workers trained by the actume association, support staff, the organizing committee and the steering committee. The list is very long, more than 80 people were directly or indirectly involved in this solidarity operation. I thank them very much!

Note that the consultation as well as the treatment (medication) are free. We will send you the detailed report of the health caravan very soon.

Thanks to the Mutual Female Mutual Aid Savings and Credit (MFEEC) in Mauritania for its donation of medicines.


  •  Oumoul Ghoura site: Gani, Medina Salam, ...

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  •  Tékane site: Gourel Bacar Sy, Gourel Sarrebé, Gouthouthi, Médina….

==> Consultations - Stomatology

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==> Organization team

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==> Consultations - General Medicine, Ophthalmology, Gynecology

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==> Drugs: pharmacy

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==> Queue

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