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@ctume - Nouakchott, March 1, 2018

Created on November 18, 2002, the association ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases) based in Bordeaux, operates in France and Mauritania in the field of health.

After these last years, ACTUME health caravans are now well established. This year the Tékane Health Association brilliantly took over with the help of local associations.

The total number of consultations for the three sites is 2141 patients, broken down as follows:
Tekane: 1584 ; Sokam El Cheikh: 300 and Niakware: 257.

Thus the 6 editions carried out, we consulted 17201 patients.

ACTUME will of course continue to provide support, but this handover now allows us to go further in extending and supporting caravans with a community pharmacy project in Tékane.

The first stone has just been laid thanks to local efforts and goodwill. It was a very special moment for ACTUME, which has been working on this project for over a year. So we want to share it with all of you through this video.

The project is very ambitious with the construction of a building, a computerized management of end-to-end care, the patient pharmacy by itself, but also the pharmacy for health huts and caravans, a prevention and training, and a structure of social activities with green spaces.

Its construction will mainly use local resources. It will also have an ecological dimension for water resources, natural air conditioning and even construction materials. Indeed, an engineering firm and a craftsman have already committed themselves to ACTUME to manufacture an innovative structure, more insulating, lighter and less expensive. The innovative technique of this new material will use local resources and will benefit the entire community of Tékane.

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cartepharmacieThis ambition comes at a cost, so ACTUME is counting on you communicators, but also on each of you personally to contribute, support and relay this project. #PharmacyTekane on your respective social networks to the pharmacy website.

Don't forget to take our little business card before you go.

This project is born thanks to our partners, GIE DIAPPO, SWAHIFRI Consulting and the PPM laboratory.

We would like to thank them warmly for their confidence in this unique adventure. Let's do their honor tonight by applauding them.

Thank you for your attention, your interest in this project, and your future various contributions, beyond this conference, to the health of our communities.

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Done in Nouakchott, March 1, 2018

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