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The 10th edition of the caravan of Tekane whose theme "Together for universal health coverage" took place from 23 to February 25, 2018 in the town of Tekane.

The total number of consultations for the three sites is 2141 patients, distributed as follows: Tékane: 1584 ; Sokam El Cheikh: 300 and Niakware: 257.

tekane IMG 1899Organized by Health Association Tekane (AST) in partnership with the Ministry of Health and ACTUME. This year, the inhabitants of Niakhwar, Sokam Hel Sheikh and Tekane benefited from consultations and distribution of free medicines.

Doctors, pharmacists, dentists, midwives, nurses, biologists and ophthalmologists have volunteered to participate in the spirit of solidarity and alleviate the suffering of these populations in these areas.

The health situation in these localities is precarious even alarming. The patients, most of whom have hypertension and diabetes, are at serious risk because follow-up for these patients is not available. Note a very high rate of schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) in children.

tekane IMG 1939The lack of reliable health structures and personnel in isolated localities such as Niakhwar and Sokam Hel Sheikh participates in the chronicity of these diseases in these populations.

We also witnessed the laying of the stone of the community pharmacy by ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases) which intervenes in France and in Mauritania in the domain of health. This organization has trained community health workers, thanks to these partners like Gie Diappo, Swahifri Consulting and the PPM laboratory.

tekane acc IMG 1897ACTUME launched an appeal to partners, the goodwill for future contributions for the realization of this joyful which will also have an ecological dimension for the water resource, natural air conditioning and even construction materials. Which will mainly benefit the population of the municipality of Tekane.

This caravan was sanctioned by a press conference at the Hotel Wissal to take stock of the caravan. For the organizers, this is a very satisfactory result compared to past years. They also praised MATTEL's support for the tenth edition of the Tékane Health Caravan, which has become an essential event for the populations of this town. - Credit: Cridem Mauritania - March 4, 2018


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