4,051 consultations (2,141 in Tékane and 1910 in Maghama) in Mauritania

" Health needs are very great in Mauritania. We will have to put a lot of effort into going further. For this, we appeal for the involvement of everyone to go further. The reality is such that our action is only a drop in the sea ", has indicated Oumar Diagne from the Association NDiawane shores of Tékane, during the press conference review of the health caravan which took place simultaneously from February 17 to 19, in Maghama and Tékane.

In front of the press, the various speakers were delighted by the strong attendance noted during the consultation days, the enthusiasm generated and the actions carried out for the benefit of the poor. The main objective is to first provide free care to the populations of the various municipalities concerned, then to detect and list certain common pathologies in order to take care of or refer needy patients to the most suitable health structures.

More than 90 healthcare professionals mobilized during a weekend, 4,051 consultations (2,141 in Tékane and 1910 in Maghama) were performed in different specialties (general medicine, stomatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, etc.). Hundreds of volunteers, from different specialties: pediatrics, stomatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, general medicine, carried out various consultations in Maghama and Tékane and wanted to show their solidarity with these villagers who find it difficult to benefit from this right. fundamental: that of access to health care.

The initiators of the Caravan nevertheless decided to pass the torch to local structures and henceforth serve as support. "The momentum of solidarity will continue," Oumar Kane promised.

To temporarily disengage and move towards other actions, a transfer of skills took place during previous medical expeditions through the training of community agents to act as relays, said Oumar Kane, president of ACTUME. (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases) which also announced the start of a project on malaria after the success of the actions undertaken against tuberculosis.

“After seven years of activities in the field, we believe that our primary objectives have almost been achieved. Our prospects are now to identify local relay structures that we could support, within the framework of our future projects in Mauritania, namely the Association for the Development of Maghama and the Association Santé Tékane ”.

The caravan was able to solve some small recurring problems and allowed local staff to benefit from specialist skills and was able to acquire certain skills, said Soumaré of the Association for the Development of Maghama. He expressed the complaint of the doctor. leader of Maghama and the surrounding populations of the department to see a generalization of the caravan, during the next editions.

This caravan was initiated by the Association ACTUME, the association Rivages NDiawane de Tékane, Swahifri Consulting in collaboration with the Association for the Development of Maghama, the association Santé Tékane, the Association Le Sothiou, the Assistance Association dental development and Pharma Product Manufacturing.

[Source: The Cridem Calame]

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