confrence de presse le 4 mars nouakchott 25571742705 oOne hundred and forty two (142) health professionals and volunteers including fourteen from Senegal were mobilized in the district of Tékane during the fourth edition of the health caravan, communes of Tékane and Maghama, the committee said on Friday. organization.

Nine sites which depend on the district of Tékane were visited and during two days, some 3,385 people could be consulted, add the organizers of the Caravan of health, communes of Tékane and Maghama.

"It's a record," said Kane Mamadou Baba, of the Association Santé pour Tous de Tékane, during a press conference to present the results of this caravan, which revealed that the first consultation pathology "the most striking Remains bilharzia.

In Maghama, some 2,502 patients were consulted, says Ly Abdoul, president of the Maghama Development Association (ADM) who was delighted that ACTUME, initiator of this health caravan since 2013, associated this year the municipality of Maghama. "Mobile teams have also been dispatched to surrounding villages to administer primary care to patients," said Ly.

Last year, 2,682 people benefited from free consultations in the municipality of Tékane.

“Our overarching goals have almost been achieved. Our prospects are now to identify local relay structures that we could support as part of our future projects in Mauritania ”, announced Oumar Kane, president of ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases), on the sidelines of this press conference.

By Babacar Baye NDIAYE - © Cridem 2016

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