medecin traiteThe Association for the Development of Maghama (ADM) in partnership with the Association contre la TUberculose et les Maladies Endemic (ACTUME) based in Bordeaux in France, have just organized a medical caravan in the commune of Maghama from February 26 to 28 current.

On the morning of Friday February 26, 2016, an official ceremony to start the Medical Days took place in the grounds of the Maghama health center; in the presence of the local administrative authorities and the large population that came to attend this event.


0 1600x566 banderole MAGHAMATaking the floor, Mr Abdoul Dakel Ly, President of the Maghama Development Association (ADM) explained the genesis of the partnership with the Association against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME). Then, it was the turn of the mayor of the commune of Maghama, Mr. Mamadou Bass to speak by welcoming this initiative which is so beneficial for the health and well-being of the population.

In addition, the mayor of Maghama expressed the wish that this caravan is not only a first attempt; but the beginning of a new era of decentralized cooperation which would continue over time, thus contributing to the improvement of the health of the poor and without medical assistance. After the official speeches, batches of medicinal products were handed over to the local authorities.

ophtalmoImmediately after the medical staff, all the volunteers, including twelve doctors, midwives, senior health technicians, medico-social nurses and their collaborators, settled in the two planned sites (the health center and the school 3), for free consultations. Thus, during these marathon medical days, some two thousand five hundred (2500) people benefited from free care in general medicine, gynecology, cardiology, pneumology, dermatology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and stomatology.

Certainly, there was a strong popular influx during these medical days which were initially intended for the municipality of Maghama; but which also benefited the inhabitants of neighboring municipalities (Daw, Toulel, Dolol etc.). In the face of popular pressure, these young, dedicated doctors continued consultations until 10 p.m.

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Also some senior citizens who are unable to move, have benefited from adequate home consultations and free medication.

This charity operation was very well appreciated by the population. So Harouna Dia President of the Maghama Youth Association whom we interviewed said in essence: “ It is a very laudable initiative, and we warmly thank the organizers of this medical caravan. This medical caravan was also a pleasant surprise for patients who had medical appointments in Nouakchott, which they had not been able to meet due to lack of means, to find themselves facing their attending physicians here in Maghama ”.

sage femmeThe imam of the 2nd mosque of Maghama, Thierno Moussa Zakaria that we also questioned, also echoed the same point, adding that: “lhe population greatly appreciated this great initiative; and in view of the absence of adequate medical structures, and the isolation of the municipality, it is desirable that such charitable actions be organized from time to time ”.

Finally, it should be noted that the Maghama Medical Caravan was closed with a festive evening. Indeed, the mayor offered the participants a hearty dinner at his home, made up of local specialties and others. And he wished to warmly thank, on behalf of the population, all the medical staff for their generosity, their dedication and their professionalism. He also thanked the chairman of the organizing and steering committee of the caravan, Dr Anne Ahmed Tidjane, and the dynamic president of the Association for the Development of Maghama (ADM) Abdoul Dakel Ly. The latter in his speech warmly welcomed the new win-win partnership between ACTUME and ADM.

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