notable oumoulghouraAbeyim Ould Souleymane Ould Sidi
Notable in Oumoul Ghoura
Municipality of Tékane

In the name of God the merciful and the merciful. First of all, I would like to thank this organization, as well as the delegation that accompanies it. It is the first organization that took the initiative to visit us officially. The work she does without any consideration of a social nature is to be commended.

This visit coincides with a difficult period, following the floods, which hit the populations hard. Despite the vagaries of the weather, they not only wanted to travel but also to send specialized committees made up of young people from the municipality of Tékane to almost all the localities.

The thanks I express to the youth of Tékane, especially to this charitable association, is immeasurable. What must be highlighted is their actions, stripped of all discrimination, which does not take into account any subjective criteria, whether based on age, sex, social origin, social status (poor or rich).

caravaneThis action, implemented by the youth of Tékane, is a first, never has an organization, whatever its nature, already done so. I appeal to the authorities of this country and to associations to encourage and above all to help ACTUME, in the vital work that it carries out.

 To conclude, " as a notable in the same municipal councilor known on the scene (Abeyim Ould Souleymane Ould Sidi), I express my thanks to ACTUME and the Tékanoise youth and through me the whole community. I renew my appeal to the government, to come to the aid of ACTUME but also to the youth of Tékane. "

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Thank you ACTUME, thank you young people, thank you ACTUME

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 Translated by Housseynou KANE —– Interview by Oumar KANE in Tékane on March 9, 2013

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Abeyim Ould Souleymane Ould Sidi

Notable in Oumoul Ghoura

Municipality of Tékane