onusida actumeDr Elhadj Abdallahi
Coordinator of the UNAIDS program in Mauritania

For a few years now, we have had cooperation and a privileged partnership with the NGO ACTUME which is active in many health areas, especially tuberculosis, malaria or HIV AIDS, community health and therefore prevention generally for children and which operates in the region of Trarza, and in Tékane precisely.

We have a partnership with the WHO and with the Ministry of Health of course and the municipalities. So I think that I must recommend to this NGO to widen its field of action because we have had very encouraging results and we think that we must help people around the region of Tarza and why not the whole region. Mauritania because we have real needs in terms of community and preventive health.

We believe that it has the possibility and the potential to help this population in all these areas. For the result of this NGO I think we can quote the results of the caravan of last year (2013): 703 people consulted and processed and of which 31% of children. I think this is an important figure and it nevertheless shows that the most exposed age groups are also taken into account. There are also pregnant women,and the other more fragile age groups. ==> Read the report: http://w1p.fr/145106 

Download the video script: actume and onusida in mauritania

These results deserve to be consolidated and must be extended to other surrounding localities and other regions of the country. This is why I think it is a challenge for the NGO but also for its partners that we are and we will have to help and I think that all the partners including the Mauritanian government and other partners from outside must support this NGO to continue the work and work more in the sexually transmitted diseases which pose a problem of public health in the countries in general.

We, as UNAIDS, are ready to continue our cooperation and our partnership with this NGO because we have seen that it is a serious NGO and which deserves to be supported technically and why not financially to carry out its activities for the benefit. of the most needy populations.

I also appeal why not to all our partners to collaborate with this NGO for the good of the Mauritanian populations.

Transcription : Maïry KANE

Interview by Oumar KANE in Nouakchott on August 22, 2013