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ACTUME sets up a "Therapeutic loyalty program for people with tuberculosis lost to follow-up in the region of Trarza in Mauritania (Municipality of Tékane) ”. It should make it possible to help tuberculosis patients to resume antituberculosis treatment, to inform them of the dangers incurred by abandoning or irregularly taking antituberculosis drugs, to retain cooperative patients by encouraging them to continue their treatment. The region of Trarza (Rosso) is located southwest of the Mauritania. It covers an area of 67,800 km2. The population of the Rosso Region is estimated at 294,233 inhabitants. The climate is Saharo-Sahalian, annual precipitation varies between 100 and 300 mm per year. The maximum temperatures are around 40 ° C, in the hot weather. At the health level, there is a regional hospital headed by a Regional Director of Health and Social Protection (DRPSS), and 5 health posts.

The diagnosis of Tuberculosis is made in a center located within the walls of the regional hospital under the direction of the head doctor of the regional hospital. This center is linked to the regional office of National Tuberculosis Control Program (PNLT). There is also a Diagnostic and Treatment Center (CDT), located outside the hospital, which deals with the administration and distribution of anti-bacillary treatment. The material is almost non-existent. A single person manages this center, assisted by two auxiliaries. The operating budget is reduced to financial aid for the renewal of consumable materials. The distances between localities and CDT can range from 200 m to 2000 m; the journey time being between a few hours and a day, depending on the distance and the means of transport, the roads are sandy or clayey.

The number of tuberculosis cases recorded in 2004 was 93 patients, including 72 with positive BK testing (TPM +), 13 with negative microscopy (TPM-) and 8 extr P. Either 80% of regularity rate: 5 transferred; 31 healed; 2 deaths; 55 lost to follow-up.

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