Photo de profil46 people met on June 27, 2013 as part of the “ skills sponsorship ”Initiated by IBM to help theACTUME association to optimize its presence in the associative landscape.

This solidarity action was crowned with success.

Event in pictures ...

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The different workshops

 accueil animation gris

Welcome & Lunch 

 plan com animation gris 

Workshop 1: communication plan

 digital plan animation

Workshop 2: Digital plan

 affiche animation gris

Workshop 3: poster

mecene animation gris 

Workshop 4: partners & patron 

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Restitution / Recommendations

Some concrete achievements

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  • Photo album: Flickr actume: here

List of volunteers:

Aminata Kane

Angelique Dallet

Anne-Sophie Scher

Benjamin fleischman

Binta Sy

Carmela Sorbara

Cedric Beord

Cedric Damour

Cellou Diallo

Christine Kohl-Perrin

Christine lhoste

Claire Herrenschmidt

Constance Bordes

Diallo Mamadou

Dominique liberty

Gaelle Dussutour

Geraldine Marchand

Gerard Xeuxet

Isabelle Biadatti

Jacques Grouard

Jean Marc Gaudibert

Jean-Michel Gras (Dr)

Lamine Kane

Laura Mansour

Matthieu Fournel

Mohamed djigo

Nathalie Lambeaux

Nicolas Bryon

Oumar Diagne

Oumar Kane

Ousmane M. Kane

Patrice Tagli

Pierre A. Boutier

Pierre Ayrem

Ramata kane

Rively Monampassi

Roger lluis verdes

Sabine Delongeas

Sandrine Durupt

Sonia desbrieres

Thierry Ballon

Vivien Dubus

Whitney Jessy Galipo

Willem Gabilly

Thanks everyone!