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The Association Santé Tékane in collaboration with the associations ACTUME and Rivages NDiawane de Tékane, the communication firm "Swahifri Consulting"  with the support of the Ministry of Health in Mauritania and Le Sothiou: Association d'Aide au Développement Dentaire, will organize the April 24, 25, 26, 2015, a health caravan in the town of Tékane in Mauritania. We invite you to discover and support our campaign " Health for all in Mautitanie".

Partners and Supporters

         Le Sothiou 

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The Health Caravan is a project initiated by the ACTUME association. Health professionals volunteer to offer local populations (Tékane Commune) direct and ad hoc access to a wide range of medical services. The diversity of the treatments offered is the richness of this action: general and dental medicine, gynecology, blood sugar and ophthalmology.

We need your support to complete this challenge and succeed in our campaign!

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