We are Solidarity IBMers!
"Commitment, Humility and Sharing"

ibmer solidaireOn June 27, 30 IBMers brought together all their skills to make them available to Actume, an association fighting against tuberculosis. Eight hours of reflection to define a global communication plan and thus allow Actume to continue its humanitarian missions.

In addition to this article, four people who participated in the solidarity day testify. Strong feedback from Constance Bordes, Director of Brand and Communication at IBM, Sabine Delongeas, volunteer for Actume, Cedric Beord, Account Supervisor at Ogilvy and finally Jean-Michel Gras, doctor at the Hauts-de-Seine Respiratory Diseases Committee.

One mission, one goal!

affiche animation grisThe IBM France Brand and Communication team met once again this year for a day of solidarity in the colors of Actume (Association against tuberculosis and endemic diseases). Working in France and Africa, its goal is to collect and disseminate all the knowledge on all aspects of these diseases but also to inform and prevent populations at risk. To carry out its mission, Actume must improve its strategy as well as its visibility. Oumar Kane, president of the association, but also responsible for internal communication projects at IBM, expresses his needs: "In a constantly evolving world, where, among other things, NICTs are essential, the Actume association calls on IBM's Communication, Brand and Advertising team to optimize and above all improve its involvement in the associative landscape".

Numerous and motivated speakers

To meet Actume's expectations, 30 IBMers joined forces but above all their skills around a common goal: to give the association a new horizon. In order to help them in this mission, 3 communication agencies (Ogilvy, Text100 and Mindshare) as well as the Hauts-de-Seine Respiratory Diseases Committee, the Zéro Violence association, as well as the village association of Diagnoum, have lent a hand. A fireworks display of creativity and enthusiasm supervised by 9 members of the Actume association, present to orchestrate the various workshops organized for the occasion.

To each his own workshop according to his skills

atelier plan digitalDuring these 240 hours of patronage during which the IBMers were able to unleash their inventiveness, 4 workshops were set up to best meet the needs of the association:

  • Develop a communication plan;
  • Establish a digital plan and dress up the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr accounts;
  • Create a poster on tuberculosis and optimize communication tools;
  • Look for partners and sponsors.

With around ten people involved in each of the projects, the solidarity day was particularly rich in lessons and strengthened the links between IBM and Actume. A collaboration to follow ...

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Other concrete achievements

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Interview by Angélique DALLET, Internal Communication - IBM

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