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For the third time, after the solidarity days of 2014 and 2013, 29 people including 16 united IBMers met on November 18, 2016 as part of the “ skills sponsorship From IBM. IBMers grant a free day of work for the benefit of the ACTUME association. Note that in addition to the solidarity IBMers, Google experts, the Savoir Sport Santé association and the Hauts-de-Seine Respiratory Diseases Committee were on hand to lead the various workshops.

The team worked around the following themes:

  • Design Thinking: how to improve our communication to gain the trust of funders;
  • Customization of the platform Google for associations and development of targeted advertising in line with the program Google Adwords. This program provides the ACTUME association with a series of products such as the Google Ad Grants.
  • Development of a business plan for a solidarity pharmacy.

Today's program : here

Below are some testimonials from IBMers Solidaires and members of ACTUME

  • Oumar DIAGNE, Leader of the ACTUME association
    From a human point of view, I really enjoyed the day. I also learned a lot from the Design Thinking workshop, so I understood the importance of going out of yourself and listening to others in the broadest sense of the term. "

  • Constance Bordes, Leader of Solidarity IBMers
    This day is a great opportunity for our team to take a step back, share different emotions and above all to be useful. It's always exciting! "

  • Olivier Mamavi, ACTUME
    “Actume's Solidarity Day on November 18 was a moment of high quality reflection and sharing. I was impressed by the commitment of all the participants. I am sure that the contributions will allow the association to be more effective in its actions. "

  • Véronique Barone, IBM
    “A great day of mutual aid and learning with people really committed to the Actume mission. The key to concrete and applicable results delivered on the same day! Thanks to Oumar for the organization! "

  • Willem Gabilly, IBM
    “It's a day that is always rich in discussions and reflections. I hope that together we will have been able to help ACTUME to progress towards its objectives and to develop its support network. "

  • Dr Annick DI SCALA, Association Savoir Sport Santé
    "A very enriching day which brought together many skills in the service of a great cause" save lives! " ""
  • Vincent Géroudet, IBM
    “Enriching (new encounters), but a real challenge (imagine a solidarity pharmacy!). "

  • Sonia Desbrières, IBM
    “It's always a pleasure to share a little time with the members of Actume. I read a Mauritanian proverb which says: "collective action triumphs over the lion"! Well the collective around Actume brings together people so motivated, that they will not fail to contribute to the triumph against diseases and the lack of care in Tékane and its surroundings. "
  • Camille El Chidiac, IBM
    “Nice, friendly, professional and useful day both from an individual and collective point of view. Enriching collaborative approach. "

  • Sandrine Durupt, IBM
    “A few words to sum up the day: solidarity, commitment, teaming, pleasure… I will add sharing and that we have all learned something… even several things! In any case, a beautiful day !! "

  • Gaëlle Dussutour, IBM
    “This day is always very enriching and it is a real pleasure to put the skills of different teams at the service of a good deed, in a context rich in sharing and very convivial. "

  • Claire Herrenschmidt, IBM
    “It was very interesting to put the Design Thinking methodology at the service of the Actume association to better target potential donors according to their category. And a beautiful day of enriching and friendly exchanges. "

  • Anne-Sophie Scher, IBM
    “A day rich in sharing. It is a great experience to be able to provide both expertise and also discover digital tools. "

  • Loic Boireau
    “Very varied knowledge around the same table with very different experiences, it is a very nice cocktail for a unique experience. When it is also to improve the lives of others, it is the icing on the cake! We are rich in ourselves, but much more in others ”.

  • Mamadou Niang, ACTUME
    “It was a very rewarding day, a very professional setting, with very motivated and involved participants. I was delighted and satisfied with the work done by our Google Ad Grant workshop: in such a short time we had concrete results (4 online ads…). "

At the end of the day rich in sharing and exchange of experience, we carried out the following concrete actions:

  • Validation of the Google Adwords Express account;
  • 20 advertisements including 4 online;
  • Draft of a solidarity pharmacy business plan;
  • Global reflection on our way of communicating with our partners and targets.

Event in pictures (video and photo gallery) 


Photo albums: solidarity day 2016

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cadeau quipe logoThe ACTUME Association was created to collect and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of the fight against tuberculosis and endemic diseases. ACTUME carries out social, educational, health and humanitarian activities in Mauritania and France.

  • Conquer tuberculosis and endemic diseases (AIDS, Malaria, Bilharzia…);
  • Support health projects in Africa.

ACTUME has partners in France and Mauritania. In France, we work with the City of Courbevoie, IBM France, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS); the Rivage NDiawane association in Tékane, the Departmental Committee against tuberculosis 92. Read more… 


Associate partners

List of volunteers (27)

- Aly Kane

- Anne-Sophie Scher          

- Annick Di Scala (Dr)

- Camille El Chidiac

- Claire Herrenschmidt

- Constance Bordes

- Denis Di Scala

- Gaëlle Dussutour

- Hamet Ba

- Jean-Michel Gras (Dr)

- Katia Auréjac

- Loïc Boireau

- Louisa Nadal

- Lucile Hyon-Le Gourrierec          

- Mamadou Niang

- Mohamed Layachi

- Nicolas Nadal

- Olivier Mamavi

- Oumar Diagne

- Oumar Kane

- Ousmane Mamadou Kane

- Sandrine Durupt

- Scheherazade Nemmouchi

- Sonia Desbrieres

- Véronique Barone

- Vincent Géroudet

- Willem Gabilly


Thanks everyone!