0 ecole primaire tekane visuel

In order to facilitate and improve the conditions of access to education for all, associations Ndiawane shores and ACTUME have collected furniture composed of tables, chairs, cupboards, tables, etc ... and 10 computers for the primary school of Tekane with the Real Estate department of IBM France and theACTIVE association. This material represents a volume of approximately 20m3. 

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Download the furniture list —- View photos

To send the material, we organize a fundraiser. The amount collected will be exclusively intended for the packaging and sending of material from Bordeaux in France to Nouakchott in Mauritania and the delivery of material from Nouakchott to Tékane.

We need your generosity to send material!Faire un don

For pledges please send an email to: actume.contact@actume.org

Thank you in advance for your support!