cadeau quipe logoOn July 2, 17 IBMers from the Communication department got together for a day to put their knowledge to the benefit of the ACTUME association. For the second consecutive year, the IBMers and the volunteers of the association have made this day an enriching experience of sharing for all.

The ACTUME Association was created to collect and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of the fight against tuberculosis and endemic diseases. ACTUME carries out social, educational, health and humanitarian activities in Mauritania and France.
Its primary objective is to inform, educate and advise the populations in order to take the necessary measures to avoid pandemics. Its second objective is to alert professionals and local authorities to the dangers posed by community health problems.

On the program, 4 workshops:

  1. Develop a communication medium: video and poster on tuberculosis intended for awareness campaigns in France and Mauritania.
  2. Digital communication: define a strategy to recruit / retain volunteers and collect donations.
  3. visuel caravanePlan a solidarity action: sponsorship, sponsorship, patronage, micro donations online.
  4. Donation and database management.

During this day, in particular, a micro donation page for the benefit of Actume's flagship action: the Health Caravan.

Below are two testimonials that summarize the solidarity day.

constanceTestimony of Constance Bordes, Brand and Communications manager:

For two years we have supported Actume during these solidarity days. The team and I find this very exciting and rewarding. We are also delighted that our skills are useful for a great cause.

cireTestimony of Ciré Sy, member of the Actume:
The day of July 2 was an opportunity for me to share a friendly and studious moment with mixed IBM / ACTUME working groups around the formulation of solidarity actions, digital strategy, management of online donations ...
The most impressive for me remains the work methodology centered around a participatory approach made from an identification of priority needs on the ground in Tékane and surroundings. All the scientific production of workshop 2 on solidarity actions, was used to develop the content of elements for the implementation of future solidarity actions: capacity building in community health, Information-Education and Communication ( IEC-Santé) and the medical truck.
It is certainly in this beautiful communion that I hope, as a member of Actume, to see a well-developed 2014/2015 action plan in the sense of targeting more and more projects that are much more structuring. We can't wait for the 2015 forum, but before long live the ACTUME association day on October 11 to crown 2014 in style! Once again thank you to the solidarity IBMers for their professionalism
. "

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