L’équipe dirigeante : Conseil d’Administration

The management team: Board of Directors

Structures and governance

Below are the files of the members of the office and of the Board of Directors:

Oumar KANE

Oumar KANE, President

Oumar KANE, Head of Communication Projects at IBM France.

In parallel with my professional experience, I carry out solidarity activities.

I am the founder ofACTUME  (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases, created in November 2002.

I participate in the animation of the network LIGHTHOUSE - Staff with Disabilities and Corporate Responsibilities - IBM France and Hauts de Seine Success Networks Committee from LADAPT (Association for the social and professional integration of disabled people in France).

In addition, I have been participating in IBM's solidarity actions since 2011, in favor of the ACTUME association. They first made it possible to set up a digital communication plan, then the creation of the website of the said association, finally the technical study of the project of the Tékane community pharmacy in Mauritania.

Find out more, see my solidarity journey.

Constance BORDES

Constance BORDES, Vice-President

Constance BORDES, Strategic Mission for Marketing and Communication at IBM

I got to know the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) through Oumar Kane who was one of the members of the team that I had the pleasure of leading for many years. He told me about his association, I found the project to be quite interesting and touching.

In addition, this association operates in Mauritania, a country that I have the chance to know. I got involved in this project by making the team do solidarity days during three years. Each of us, we give a day of our work to work on an association including ACTUME, then I also participated in the 2014 health caravan if my memories are good. I went there where I worked more on the logistics aspect, supporting doctors, and I also did the photo and video reporting aspects.

Find out more: Solidarity with ACTUME

Patrick PECOT

Mr. Patrick PECOT, Administrator

Patrick PECOT

Retired Humanitarian Committed spent 7.5 years in the management ofNGO Hamap as Director and Secretary General (end of 06/2021).

  • Member of the NGO ELAN (Madagascar) - School 70 children funded for their entire schooling.
  • Active member of BIP Humanitaire - 7.5 million Covid masks distributed in 2021 in various countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.
  • Lead a associative radio in Rouen (HDR Radio)
  • General engineer and computer engineer
  • Business organization consultant - in activity: Management, IT, Econometrics and Security of the information system.
  • Management in the private and public sectors. Has been a director of IT groups and a public establishment for a few years (INPI / OEB - Patents)
  • Trainer in various fields for elected officials (political good - mayors, regional councilors, deputies, etc.).
Jean-Philippe RYKIEL

Jean-Philippe RYKIEL, Administrator

Jean-Philippe RYKIEL, Singer composer

It is following two articles that I had written in the early 2010s, on my encounters, at the age of fourteen and in the same week, with Stevie Wonder and Franck Zappa, that my friend Gérald Athanase suggested to me to ensure that these documents, which he found exceptional, do not fall into oblivion because of the permanent demand for "fresh" news driven by Facebook on which I have them had originally posted (good luck to anyone who wants to find them today, buried under mountains of other publications!).

I have had the privilege, during my life, to meet a large number of exceptional beings, and to be able to testify to events, places, cultures and people whose visibility is low, or even non-existent on the Web. Learn more consult my biography


Sabine DELONGEAS, Administrator

Sabine DELONGEAS, Computer scientist

IT project manager in pre-retirement, I am embarking on the creation of a bicycle rental and repair company in the Lot et Garonne.

Present since 2005 with ACTUME, I went to several times in Tekane in order to support Oumar Kane and support him in various activities: setting up financing files, accounting monitoring, communication, video reporting, etc.

Less present in recent years for professional reasons, I support the team and this project which is close to my heart and which I have had the pleasure of initiating and following for all these years.

Mr. Alban SANZ, Administrator

Alban SANZ, Business Design Consultant

Volunteers at ACTUME since 2017.

Passionate about reading, I am the webmaster of sites devoted to literature:

I worked as a tutor with an association dealing with unemployed young people to give them courses on the development of a CV and cover letters based on targeted research. Read : CVAlbanSANZ

M. Jean-Michel GOYARD

Mr. Jean-Michel GOYARD, Administrator

Jean-Michel GOYARD

I got to know ACTUME in 2010, after my humanitarian mission "Corporate Service Corps" in Viétman through Oumar KANE. Convinced of the human cause, without hesitation I joined the association ...

Engineer by training (CNAM), I led my career in oil companies (SHELL, ELF) in exploration then at IBM where I managed international outsourcing contracts in more than 80 countries on all continents. Passionate about human adventures, I actively participate in humanitarian actions in Africa within several NGOs including ACTUME.

I am a member of Rotary International, very involved in youth training actions.

Ousseynou KANE, Head of the Le Havre branch

Ousseynou KANE, Trainer and OFII referent at the FODENO Le Havre training center.

ACTUME, I have known her for over 15 years. Its president, Oumar KANE and a national of the same village, impressed me with the humanitarian work he is carrying out in the direction of needy populations in terms of access to health rights.

In addition, the projects carried by actume are a perfect illustration of North / South cooperation. I saw in this structure a bridge connecting two banks on which we convey hope and when we say hope we say life.

After discussion with Mr KANE Oumar, an ACTUME branch was created in 2016 in Le Havre SEINE MARITME REGION OF NORMANDY composed of 7 members.

Ibrahima ANNE, Secretary General

Ibrahima ANNE

With an economist and entrepreneurial background, I have been involved in international solidarity activities for a few years, as a project or mission manager.

Coach and trainer of international solidarity project leaders, and fundraising research, I have participated in many structures on reflections in the field of ecsi and solidarity which are subjects that interest me a lot.

Actume member since its creation, it is always an honor to bring expertise to this association which is close to my heart. As a project manager, I will always work to enrich actume's reflection on its projects.

Oumar DIAGNE, Deputy Secretary General

Oumar DIAGNE, Lawyer & writer

I was born on the banks of the Senegal River where I spent happy days. My childhood was marked by the atmosphere and solidarity that reigned in my village, Tékane. These beautiful memories have never left my mind and mark my entire life.

After my primary studies in Tékane, I went to Rosso in order to continue my secondary studies before going to learn law at the university in Algeria.

After Algiers, I returned to Mauritania and teach at the National School of Social and Administrative Training (ENFACOS) of Nouakchott, Then, I was seconded to the Ministry of the Civil Service to the Minister's adviser before being appointed head of service studies and litigation, at the level of the management of the Public Service.

Racial events in 1989 forced me to leave Mauritania for France where I worked in the social and humanitarian sector before plunging into the world of books. I also studied social economy and computer science in France. For more information, see: CVOumarDIAGNE

Ousmane M. KANE, Administrator

Ousmane Mamadou KANE, residence manager at adoma-CDC Habitat

I was born in Tekane. I also grew up in this village. When we were young, it was teeming with life. We were divided into different age groups. Each group tried to do better than the others. Our elders had taught us to be of service to the community. This is how since my early childhood, I have participated in community life. After Tékane, I continued my secondary studies at the Lycée de Rosso, then university at the Higher Scientific Institute of Nouakchott from where I obtained a Master's degree in Renewable Energies in 1990. After two years of uncertainty, I was admitted to the AGRHYMET sub-regional center in NIAMEY in Niger where I obtained a degree in hydrological engineering.

Upon my return, I joined the Hydrology Service within the Department of the Environment and Rural Development attached to the Ministry of Rural Development. I was in charge of managing the hydrological database.

I arrived in France on December 15, 2000. I did several jobs. Currently, I am responsible for residence at adoma - CDC Habitat. We manage hostels for FTM migrant workers and social residences.

When ACTUME was created, I naturally joined the project. Because it was an extension of what I was already doing, in Mauritania for, Tékane. Along with my commitment to ACTUME, I am the secretary general of the Association of TORO nationals in France (ART), which has more than 300 members. This association aims to pool forces and takes care of the repatriation of its members in the event of death to their country of origin.

Thierno Ousmane SY, Administrator

Thierno Ousmane SY, Social worker

I was born in Mederdra in 1970. The first hours of my youth were spent in R'kiz. I landed in Tékane, my father's native village at the age of 11 when my whole family came back to settle there permanently after my father's retirement.

It was in Tékane that I completed my primary schooling. My secondary studies, I did them in Rosso, regional capital of Trarza. This city is located in the South of Mauritania on the banks of the Senegal River.

After obtaining the Bac in Modern Letters, I joined Nouakchott, the capital of the country, to continue my university studies. Thus, I enrolled in the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences where I obtained a Master in Private Law in 1998.

The end of this course in Mauritania was followed by a two-year break, punctuated by short professional experiences in law firms and NGOs. Following this journey, I chose the path of exile to France where I have lived since the year 2000. I currently practice my profession in a shelter as a social worker. A job that gives me real fulfillment. Being a Social Worker, my commitment to ACTUME fits perfectly with my professional activities.

I support the projects of the ACTUME Association since its installation in Île de France in 2011. I participated in the wide range of activities of the association.

Being from the area of primary intervention of this organization, the idea of providing continuous and effective support for the benefit of a completely abandoned population in a medical desert and without resources could not leave me indifferent. This initiative is now bearing fruit and tangible results, anchored in the social environment of this area, as well as in the consciences of its inhabitants. Also, ACTUME is an association that develops in addition to its projects, the opening of hearts so that each human being finds his place within the community, including those who feel marginalized. All these elements have fueled my motivation and continued commitment.

Mariam KANE, Administrator

Mariam KANE 

 "In life, to be happy, it suffices to be useful to society to relieve the pain of the most deprived".

My name is Mariam Kane. I was born in Tékane and did my primary studies there. My secondary studies, I conducted them in Nouakchott. Then, I went to Dakar and Thiès, in Senegal, in order to follow studies of management secretariat.

I worked for ten years at Air Afrique, a pan-African company, the largest on the African continent, at the time.

Marriage landed me in France. After the 1989 riots in Mauritania, which saw thousands of Negro-Africans humiliated, tortured, imprisoned, murdered, deported, etc., I decided to get involved in associative and political activism.

I am the President of an association of Mauritanian women of the river (AFMAF). In our activities, we have accompanied the Mauritanian deportees in Mali and Senegal as well as widows and orphans, in Mauritania and elsewhere, thanks to our own resources and the help of partners. I also participate in other solidarity associations. The commitment within ACTUME was therefore natural. 

Mamadou Niang, Administrator

Mamadou NNIANG, IT Engineer / Salesforce Technical Lead at Wonderbox 

Leaving Paris Descartes in 2005 with a background in computer engineering and more specifically in Computer Methods Applied to Business Management MIAGE. I started my professional career in 2006 as a web developer consultant, then technical project manager. As a developer, technical referent and Salesforce Team Lead, my current position.

I am a member of several associations including ACTUME, which I have known, which I have supported since its establishment in the Paris region and of which I am currently the treasurer.

I grew up being very imbued with the associative world and solidarity actions, in particular in Tékane where I did my primary studies and where community and solidarity life is deeply rooted. 

To know more. On my professional career: https://fr.linkedin.com/in/mamadou-niang-8567ab42

Structures and governance