The tuberculdare has not disappeared, far from it. According to the World Health Organization, every second a new person is infected with the tubercle bacillus. If Southeast Asia and Africa are the regions most affected, Western countries are not totally spared. (Doctissimo - tuberculosis file)

Tuberculosis, a disease still present in France!

There are approximately 8,000 new cases each year and 700 deaths are still attributed to him. Here again, there are significant disparities between regions and populations. In metropolitan France, the regions with the highest incidence are Ile-de-France, then, to a lesser extent, the PACA and Rhône Alpes regions. Even within these regions there are disparities: highly urbanized areas as well as the most disadvantaged populations or from highly endemic countries are the most affected. French Guiana also has a high incidence of tuberculosis.

Information on tuberculosis in France
The obligation of BCG vaccination in children and adolescents was suspended during the summer of 2007, in favor of a strong recommendation to vaccinate children most exposed to the disease. tuberculosis. This decision follows scientific expertise and recommendations from the Higher Council of Public Hygiene of France (*) and was made possible by the development and launch of the national program to fight tuberculosis.

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