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ACTUME warmly thanks you for your outpouring of solidarity. Becoming an ACTUME member means supporting our mission to defeat tuberculosis and endemic diseases and our various health projects in Africa.

The association is made up of:

  • associate members;
  • honorary members or sympathizers.

It is open to all people of good will (health professionals, students, others).

associate members - A member of the association is any person who has joined the association and who has paid his annual subscription, the amount of which is fixed each year by the association's office with the approval by an absolute majority of the members present or represented at the General Assembly.

honorary members or sympathizers - The title of honorary member or sympathizers is awarded by the General Assembly, on the proposal of the association's office, to people outside the association because of their competence or the services reported to the association. This title confers on those who have obtained it the right to attend association meetings, including General Assemblies, in an advisory capacity, and exempts them from any subscription. 

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The annual membership fee for the ACTUME association is set as follows:

  • Employees: 20 euros
  • Others: 10 euros

Online Membership: join ACTUME

Payment by check - at the command of ACTUME

Payment by bank transfer :

  • Bank: Société Générale Saint-Augustin - 33000 Bordeaux.
  • Holder: association ACTUME
  • Bank: 30003
  • Agency: 00282
  • Number: 00037 27 59 02
  • Key: 89

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To become a member or support the association with a donation, complete the membership form online on our HelloAsso secure payment platform.

Contact us

ACTUME Bordeaux

Mailbox, n°20, Athénée Père Joseph Wresinski, 1 Place Saint Christoly, 33800 Bordeaux

Phone: +33 (0) 6 67 68 60 31

ACTUME Ile-de-France

At Oumar KANE
4, Place Charras
FR-92400 Courbevoie

Phone: +33 (0) 6 68 71 02 72


At Ousseynou KANE
19, rue Maurice Donnay
FR-76610 Le Havre

Phone: +33 (0) 6 59 96 45 44

ACTUME Mauritania

ACTUME, Chez Fatimata SY
BP 1414
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Phone: +222 46 42 03 97