Exposure: Tuberculosis


ACTUME (Association against tuberculosis and endemic diseases) describes the actions it is taking in the fight against tuberculosis. By browsing the two large information panels (produced by RADSI (Aquitaine Network for Solidarity and International Development) on the Association, you will learn that it was born in 2002, and since that date has been leading awareness-raising conferences, organizing solidarity dinners to carry out a project to fight tuberculosis in Mauritania and also launched a information website.


The association Zero-Violence Zero-Suffering and the General Council of Seine Saint-Denis take you on an educational journey in the prevention of tuberculosis.
An exhibition in 4 parts:
- medical, which provides information on tuberculosis;
- civic, which offers ideas on how everyone can act;
- on Lucien Viborel, who devoted his life (1917-1959) to the fight against tuberculosis;
- finally, a fourth part which discusses the relations between art, architecture and medicine.

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for ACTUME, Oumar KANE, and for Zero-Violence, Zero-Suffering, Jean-Marie BEAUCHATAUD.