Why these days?

- Marylène MATTER: in charge of external relations - ACTUME

In our society where life expectancy is advancing, where medical progress ensures quality care and a decline in contagious diseases, how can we imagine that tuberculosis remains a major health problem for countries so close to ours, such as Mauritania. A worrying disease for international and regional health aid associations, which still cannot stop it because of the irregular intake of anti-tuberculosis drugs.

For two years now, the ACTUME Association, made up entirely of volunteers (Mauritanian and French), has been working on a loyalty project for tuberculosis patients lost to follow-up in the Rosso region in Mauritania. To carry out this business, she organizes:

a solidarity dinner - Saturday 9 June 2007 at 8 p.m.,
in the premises of AREPA (Regional Association for Continuing Education), 99 rue Judaïque in Bordeaux

The funds collected will allow ACTUME to set up the various actions of its project:

  • "Recover" tuberculosis patients lost to follow-up
  • inform them of the dangers of stopping or taking anti-TB drugs
  • put them back in the disease management circuit
  • retain cooperative patients by encouraging them to continue their treatment

The solidarity dinner will be preceded by:

a conference, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.,
around the theme "Tuberculosis, a preventable disease"

with speakers on Dr Nadine COTT, of preventive medicine in Bordeaux, the Dr François DENIAUD and Jean-Marie BEAUCHATEAUD, of the association Zéro Violence, Valentine LOUKOMBO-SENGA, from the MANA association in Bordeaux.

On Friday June 8, information panels on the means put in place to fight tuberculosis around the world will be displayed at AREPA. They were kindly made available by the Aquitaine network for solidarity and international development, (RADSI), General Council of Seine Saint-Denis and the association Zéro violence.