visuel diner 2018Solidarity dinner for the benefit of Tékane pharmacy in Mauritania

On Saturday October 6, more than 200 people gathered at the Courbevoie Event Center for our Solidarity Gala, sponsored by Ms. Banel THIELLO, wife of the Senegalese Ambassador to France and Ms. Constance BORDES, Strategic Missions at IBM.

This evening of solidarity brought together 3,900 euros to finance the Tékane community pharmacy in Mauritania.

A huge thank you to all our members, supporters and partners who made this possible and to the solidarity artists who contributed to the success of this beautiful evening.

Contents: preview presentation on community pharmacy project website ; publication of votes from pharmacy logo ; Review of the 2018 health caravan and perspectives of the ACTUME association.

faire un don pharmacie

I make a donation !

 Ms. Banel THIELLO, Ambassador of Community Pharmacy   Mrs Constance BORDES, Ambassador of Community Pharmacy
 Mrs Aurélie TAQUILLAIN, Deputy Mayor of Courbevoie
 Mr. Amadou DIALLO, Consul of Senegal in France
 Review of the 2018 health caravan and ACTUME perspectives   Mr. Mamoudou Baîdy GAYE, mot of the end in Pulaar and Wolof

Thanks to the artists in solidarity with ACTUME:
Ousmane Gangué, Mamadou Dem, Lucie Looya, Dembe Ndiaye Dilaane, Ben BALL Bass, Heidi Sibiri.

Children's area : Frédérique DUCHEMIN, Aïcha KANE; Breath measurement : Dr Jean-Michel GRAS

Solidarity dinner in pictures Artists in solidarity with ACTUME

gala 2018Watch the slideshow: here

Read the announcement: here