07 juillet video africaParisTV1After Bordeaux, Courbevoie, ACTUME settles in Le Havre in Normandy!

ACTUME is a charitable association that collects funds to finance, among other things, health caravans in favor of poor populations ...  Many thanks to members and supporters.


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Catherine deputee havre 200x314ACTUME settles in Le Havre in Normandy! 

After Bordeaux and Courbevoie, ACTUME is expanding its field of action.
On the occasion of the launch of the local branch, ACTUME Havre will organize a solidarity evening animated by Abu Djouba DEH, under the patronage of Madame TROALLIC Catherine, Member of the 8th district of Seine-Maritime and Regional Councilor of Normandy.


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http://youtu.be/eCZGpvDVREk?list=PLurQHjCYbQnS7oAJ6FNGE0TOsV_Ge9k0V    http://youtu.be/uQq-nrCQQF0?list=PLurQHjCYbQnS7oAJ6FNGE0TOsV_Ge9k0V 

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