Press release: Tékane on July 3, 2020

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all countries are working to strengthen their health systems and structures. In Mauritania, the Municipality of Tékane is not left out in this permanent quest to provide the populations with top quality health care. It is within this framework that the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) obtained funding from a Swiss Foundation for the construction and equipment of a Health Center in Tékane.

Worth a total of 387,537 euros (approximately 15.2 million MRU), this funding will allow the construction of a modern health center, its equipment with medical equipment and the purchase of a medical ambulance.

Due to the deficit in terms of health structure within the municipality of Tékane in Mauritania, ACTUME has been carrying out, for more than ten years, actions to compensate for this lack. These actions consisted, initially, in monitoring of tuberculosis patients, then followed of health caravans ", says Oumar Kane, President of the ACTUME Association.

The association soon realized that annual caravans had their limits. It was therefore urgent to find a solution that would allow more regular medical consultations for the inhabitants of the municipality. This is why a local association, Association Santé Tékane, made up of experienced professionals (72) was created in order to act as a relay and thus contribute to improving the care of patients monitored in relation to the staff of the center. and health posts.

There was also the problem of drugs. To remedy this, ACTUME has embarked on a project to build a community pharmacy. It then remained to resolve the question relating to the construction of a quality health center in Tékane meeting national standards. The lack of an appropriate medical structure complicated the work of nursing staff and made it very difficult for the populations of the municipality to access adequate care.

The funding agreement was signed between the Swiss Foundation and the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) acting under the mandate of the Association Santé Tékane (AST).

This project, which will start shortly, will further strengthen the collaboration of these two complementary associations and in privileged partnership, with the Ministry of Health, local authorities, decentralized services and communities. Pooling the contributions of these different actors will promote a united development of the municipality of Tékane.

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