Left to right: Mr. Mamadou Abdoul KANE (ACTUME), Dr Amadou Saïdou KANE (AST), His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Nedhirou HAMED (Minister of Health), Dr Hamedine KANE (AST), Dr Thierno Ousmane COULIBALY (AST).

A delegation comprising the Coordinator (AST) and the Supervisor (ACTUME) of the Tékane health center project (CST), and two members of AST was received by the Minister of Health in Mauritania on September 14, 2020 at 5.30 p.m.

At the beginning of his remarks, the Delegation congratulated the Minister following his reappointment at the head of the Department. The representatives of AST and ACTUME then presented the actions already carried out by the two associations and those in progress (Health caravans, Community pharmacy, valorization of medicinal plants, CST project).

They recalled that the implementation of these different actions was done with the support of the Ministry and the support of local and international organizations (donors, ACTUME, UNDP, private sector, etc.). They also discussed the conventions that bind the two Associations with the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the delegation states: “ we have no doubt that we will once again benefit from the usual support from your department for the execution of the project in the best conditions. We assure you of our constant availability in order to further strengthen the already fruitful cooperation with your decentralized services as well as with the local authorities and communities ”.

The Minister in turn welcomed this meeting and took the opportunity to congratulate ACTUME and AST for their many actions for the benefit of the population. He insisted on the importance of the work of civil society to support in particular the awareness of the population in matters of health. From this point of view, the Minister emphasized the role of civil society in regulating the sector.

On the health infrastructure modules, he indicated that his department has committed to modular workstations instead of type A, B and that the CST project will have to adopt this type of module. With regard to the Tékane community pharmacy that ACTUME is currently carrying out in Tékane, he asked to be kept informed in order to provide for its integration into CAMEC's activities.

The Delegation concluded by thanking the Minister for his availability and that of the members of his Department. Finally, the delegation was available, through the two associations they represent, to support the Ministry and expand its areas of intervention, beyond the municipality of Tékane.

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Hurry : Kassataya: Meeting AST, ACTUME with the Ministry of Health

Source AST / ACTUME : Mauritania - Nouakchott, September 14, 2020