Speech by Mr. Mamadou Abdoul KANE on the occasion of the foundation stone laying ceremony for the work of the Tékane Health Center. Saturday, December 5, 2020.


Mr. Wali of Trarza; Gentlemen, the security and health authorities of the Wilaya of Trarza; Mister the Hakem of R'kiz; Mr. the Chief of District of Tékane; Mr. Mayor of the Municipality of Tékane; Gentlemen and ladies elected; Mr. President of the Tékane Health Association; Honorable guests; Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me first of all, Mr. Wali, to send you all our sincere thanks for having responded to our invitation and thus to enhance with your presence this ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the construction of the new Tékane Health Center. which constitutes a socio-economic infrastructure of the utmost importance for our populations.

It is for us project partners a real pleasure to participate in this workshop to launch this very symbolic operation which crowns the common efforts of mobilization and solidarity partnership in order to improve the health of the populations of our municipality.

Mr. Wali; Ladies and gentlemen ;

This meeting gives us the opportunity to recall the efforts already undertaken by the Health association of Tékane (AST) and the Association for the fight against tuberculosis and endemic diseases in Mauritania (ACTUME) in partnership with the Ministry of Health in the objective of improving the population's access to healthcare and drugs.

Thus, the two sister associations have been organizing health caravans for more than a decade to relieve the sick and also better direct them to the required health facilities.

They are currently carrying out in perfect complementarity the community pharmacy project in the course of completion and the project of valorization of the medicinal plants to allow to contribute to the emergence of a sector of medicinal plants in our country. A dental chair has recently been installed in Tékane. The assignment of a dental surgeon will make it functional.

Mr. Le Wali; Ladies and gentlemen ;

It is useful to remember that the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID19) has revealed how much our world, yet never so much " close By globalization, has not been so divided by inequalities. The inequality in access to health care has been revealing how the lack of access to basic health care widens vulnerabilities and exposes people to epidemics.

The municipality of Tékane, like the other municipalities in the country, hardly escapes these realities. The current pandemic shows even more blatantly the inadequacy of local health infrastructures.

We are delighted that this Tékane Health Center project will help strengthen local health infrastructure and thus better support the Ministry of Health in its efforts to ensure quality care accessible to the populations. .

The objectives of the project are in good harmony with the national health development plan (PNDS). Indeed, the sector objective is to contribute to the populations' universal access to health. The specific objective of the project is to improve patient care in the commune of Tékane.

Ladies and gentlemen

The main achievements of the project are expected to be summarized as follows:

  • The construction of infrastructures with a built surface of 1000 m2 (consultation and hospitalization rooms with a capacity of 20 beds (maternity, pediatrics and general medicine); as well as a dental chair, a 'medical analyzes and radiology) in order to improve the quality of services and care;
  • The acquisition of medical equipment, materials and supplies for the various services;
  • The acquisition of a medical all-terrain ambulance (oxygenation device, emergency and resuscitation medicines and consumables);
  • The production of a reference epidemiological profile of the municipality; and a study of the adapted management systems of the health center.

Funding for the project is obtained from a Swiss foundation in the amount of 387,500 Euros equivalent to 16.3 million MRU with an expected execution period of two years from June 2020 to June 2022.

The Santé Tékane association, made up of 72 experienced health professionals with various specialties, will ensure the technical and financial management of the project.

Mr. Le Wali; Ladies and gentlemen ;

The project is designed and carried out according to a participatory approach with all health actors and beneficiaries. We hope that this spirit of consultation will continue for an efficient mobilization of all energies.

We reiterate our call to all stakeholders to develop the synergies necessary for the successful implementation of the project. We urge the continuation and strengthening of the solidarity partnership between all stakeholders (Ministry of Health; local authorities and elected officials; decentralized beneficiary services; AST and ACTUME).

That all the stakeholders integrate in their action, the requirements of rigor and anticipation for the implementation and the success of the project.

Mr. Wali, and dear guests.

To conclude, we are convinced that the realization of this important project will contribute to the emergence of a reference center in the municipality of Tékane and will bring to the populations more health and well-being.

We cannot end without thanking the many partners and actors without whom this project would not have seen the light of day and without whom the start would be difficult.

We wish the project every success. Thank you for your kind attention.

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Kane Mamadou Abdoul, Project supervisor Tékane Health Center

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