Speech by Mr. Moulaye Ibrahim Ould Moulaye Ibrahim, Governor of Rosso (Wilaya du Trarza) on the occasion of the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone for the work of the Tékane Health Center. Saturday, December 5, 2020.

It is an honor to be among you to witness together the laying of the first of this important infrastructure that we really needed in this area: a type A health center, which will certainly enhance the level of service. health and medical for the benefit of the population of the municipality of Tékane.

I take this opportunity to thank the Swiss Foundation, which generously agreed to finance the Tékane health center. I would like to thank the Tékane Health Association for having advocated with this Foundation to finance this infrastructure which will begin today. I also take the opportunity to let all the citizens of the commune know that there are Mauritanians among us who are up to their mission in the sense of progressing with their partners to seek solutions.

You know that the State cannot offer everything, especially when we are in extremely difficult situations like the one we are living in today (the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic). Despite these difficulties, there are people among us Mauritanians, among the Tékanois who have invested themselves in achieving something concrete for the benefit of the populations. I warmly thank the members of the association.

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