ACTUME 2008 Activity Report

In 2008, the following actions were carried out:

  • Association Day on October 11: “international solidarity through health projects”;
  • Project in Mauritania: inventory (launch of phase 3);
  • International Solidarity Week in La Teste and Bordeaux;
  • Awareness-raising actions through the website.

For other contacts and events, consult the daily table of ACTUME activities. In this notebook, all activities are recorded: invitations, conferences, exhibitions, appointments ...

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ACTUME 2009 Activity Report

Some achievements!

Project in Mauritania : Project launch - evaluation mission from November 20 - December 5
- Regional Assizes: Aquitaine Regional Council
International Solidarity Week 14-22 November 2009
World Tuberculosis Day: March 24, 2010
- Associated blogs:

Blog: Actume mission in the municipality of Tékane in Mauritania
Tuberculosis information flow

Social networks: Facebook, Wikio, Twitter, Digg, Netvibes ...

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